As an additional service to our customers, GRUPO NOVOLUX has its own Technical Project Department from which we can advise you on any matter concerning both indoor and outdoor lighting design.

Our designers take a project and identify those lighting devices that will best suit the requirements and needs of our customers in relation to the zones to be lit, bearing technical considerations in mind at all times. The customer receives a dossier summarising the study in a highly visual presentation: on the one hand, if the designer considers it necessary the dossier will contain a graphic presentation which shows the solution proposed from different points of view through 3D “renders” (three-dimensional models) and/or videos. On the other hand, the project is accompanied by a report which lists those products that have been employed and the lighting calculations performed in conducting the study.

The Technical Project Department proposes the best solutions to satisfy each customer’s needs while taking into account the technical lighting and decorative requirements of each specific case.


To contact our Project Department:
Direct telephone: +34 93.360.09.73