GRUPO NOVOLUX is a member of ANFALUM, the National Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers of Spain.

The primary aim of ANFALUM is to represent and safeguard the interests of associate members with respect to the industry, the environment, the market and the public administrations in the field of lighting equipment.

As a member of ANFALUM, GRUPO NOVOLUX benefits from a wide range of actions in the development of its activity in the lighting sector. It is the industry representative to the Spanish central government and several European Union bodies; it manages and coordinates various standard certifications; it participates actively in members’ training and contributes to foreign promotion, participation in international trade fairs and meetings with other lighting associations outside Spain.

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GRUPO NOVOLUX is a member of the Spanish Foundation for Ecological Illumination, ECOLUM.

The main purpose of ECOLUM is to reduce the generation of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) by promoting re-use, recycling and other forms of recovery of electronic waste with a view to reducing its elimination and improving the environmental behaviour of all agents involved in the life cycle of luminaires, lamps and associated equipment.

In support of this policy, since 2006 our company GRUPO GESTIÓN INTEGRAL NOVOLUX has been a member of this Foundation, which is in charge of the establishment, development and management of systems for the collection, treatment, re-use, recycling, recovery and monitoring of such waste.

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GRUPO NOVOLUX associate member of the “Association for the Internationalization of Spanish Companies Electronics, Information and Telecommunications”, SECARTYS.

SECARTYS, is a national business association, which was founded in 1968. It works to achieve a big goal: to service companies Spanish electronics, information technology, telecommunications, professional audio and lighting, entertainment and electronic entertainment, solar, home automation and building automation solutions and smart cities .
Cluster key is organized to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. And this through four pillars:

o Internationalisation
o Search for Funding
o Innovation, Research and Development
o Training

GRUPO NOVOLUX  actively involved in these activities as a consolidated reference on the residential lighting sector.

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